Takashi Murakami – Ego Exhibition

On the weekend we decided to visit the Al Riwaq Exhibition Hall on the corniche which was holding an exhibition titled “Ego” by artist Takashi Murakami.

Greeting you at the entrance foyer to the exhibition reveals a sense of ‘Ego’, a six metre high inflatable sculpture of the artist himself.

The first thoughts inside the gallery are, colourful, the vibrant colours pop-out to you in the paintings, the sculptures look like they belong in a children’s computer game. Everything perfectly painted, with meticulous detail.

Recently commissioned, a large thirty metre mural shows a darker side of Murakami, reflecting the recent chaos caused by the Japan earthquakes.

Unfortunately photography was not allowed inside the exhibit so we had to make do with photos taken at the entrance and outside the building.

Signature flowers with happy faces
Sonya with the happy flowers
Travis and the six meter high Takashi Murakami
Signature flowers with happy faces
Qatar Japan 2012
Six meter high Takashi Murakami
Ego Exhibition sign
The decorated exhibition building

The United States of America

It is less than one week till we leave for America for the Christmas and New York holiday period. I thought I had better write an introduction post. (edit, make that 5 mins before we head to the airport, I thought I had better post the introduction post.)
Sonya has her best friend currently living in New York for the past two years, ever since she lived there we have been meaning to visit her, we finally thought we would book flights and make it happen. In a little over 3 weeks we will be visiting 4 American cities, spending 10 hours plus on flights, spending half days in transit and for my first time giving tips. We are looking forward to it.

Lets start with the planned flight path.