China, here we come!

In twelve days time, Travis and I will embark on an adventure to one of the world’s oldest civilizations, China. With us, will be eight of our friends who are also counting down the days until we pile on the woolly jumpers and face below zero temperatures.

We started planning our trip in August, and after countless, heated discussions, we decided on an itinerary and booked our flights in mid October. A few minor hiccups (such as how to travel domestically within China) and plentiful debates (Ocean Park or Disneyland?) later, the trip seems to be rolling around faster than expected.

In my excitement, I started creating an array of lists of things to bring a few weeks ago, which I am hoping will assist in my packing. Travis and I are planning to bring along our backpacks (which are 75L and 60L respectively), as our intent is to travel lightly. Hopefully this will deter us from any rash purchases (highly unlikely as we are travelling to the land of the mass produced cheap, instantly gratifying goods).

I’m particularly looking forward to:

  • Visiting the ice sculptures in the north eastern city of Harbin;
  • Eating dumplings in Shanghai;
  • Climbing the Huangshan Mountains;
  • Exploring the historical sites in Beijing; and
  • Wandering the walls of Xian.

Bring it on!

Till then, Zai Jian.