Katara – Qatar Cultural Village, Doha, Qatar

Katara is Qatar’s Cultural Village completed in late 2010, situated to the north of Doha, Qatar between West Bay and the Pearl. It sprawls around a large artificial beach and includes many boutique societies (including the Qatar Fine Arts Society, the Qatar Photographic Society and the Doha Film Institute). Along the board walk, enjoying beach views are restaurants and lounges.

The Qatar Cultural Village consists of many beautiful buildings, including a mosque (dressed in traditional Persian mosaics), traditional Arabic pigeon houses, a Greek style amphitheatre and many smaller surrounding stores and restaurants. A walk through the maze of walkways and passageways between the buildings provides views of traditional Arabic architecture and features.

Local Qatari in traditional dress of the men’s thoub and women’s burkha add to the atmosphere of the area. Sometimes through the restaurant windows Qatari men enjoying shesha and coffee can be seen.

A popular venue for many of Qatar’s events and attractions, a main ground for the annual Doha Tribeca Film Festival and Traditional Dhow Exhibition.

Below are a few of our photos taken during our many visits. We suggest multiple visits to the area to get the full experience.

Hanging pot in basketsHarnessing the World sculpture - a veiled figure with the globe in a harnessKatara mosque with mosaics
Katara mosque minaret with mosaicsLe Vesuvio restaurantSide of the Katara amphitheatre with blue benches
Side of the Katara amphitheatreSide entrance to the Katara amphitheatreInside the Katara amphitheatre
Katara amphitheatre upper featuresKatara amphitheatre seatingKatara amphitheatre  upper features
The corridor leading down from the Katara amphitheatreOne of two traditional pigeon bird nestsOne of two traditional pigeon bird nests
One of two traditional pigeon bird nestsView from the Katara amphitheatre towards the PearlShade cloths
Shade clothsArched hallQatari lady on a bench
Minaret with gold mosaicsWooden door to MinaretLooking though the Katara amphitheatre