United Arab Emirates weekender

Last weekend Sonya and I had an opportunity to visit the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over the weekend. We had previously visited Dubai, so thought we would check out Abu Dhabi instead.

I met up with Sonya who was already in Dubai for a course on the Friday (the start of the weekend in the middle east).

We hired a car and for the first day we thought we would explore the UAE. UAE has very close ties with Oman, as it should, as the two countries are geographically interspersed together. We decided to visit Dibba, situated on the northern-east of the UAE, located at the Gulf of Oman it politically shares parts with both UAE and Oman.


From Dibba we drove to Hatta, Hatta is located in the central-eat of the UAE, to reach Hatta we actually crossed into Oman, and then back into UAE.

Diba Al Fujairah MosqueDiba Al Fujairah Marina MosqueDiba Al Hisn Port
Sonya with the rental carAl Hajar MountainsSonya with the Al Hajar Mountains in the background
Power lines in Suwaydan desertDonkeys in Al MalaihaHatta Fort Roundabout
Painted flags on the mountain in HattaUAE coat of arms and Arab teapot on doorPaintings depicting traditional Arabic life
Paintings depicting traditional Arabic lifeNazwa desertNazwa desert

In general  there really wasn’t much to see in the northen UAE, a few camels and interesting bits and pieces, but not too much.

From Hatta we drove to Abu Dhabi reaching around 6 pm.