Qatar’s hidden spots

Last weekend, with our apartment’s internet down, we decided to explore Qatar in search of Geocaches.

Al Khor Ruins

Located fifty kilometres north of Doha a small coastal city named Al Khor. Our first stop was a cache named “Al Khor Ruins”. Al Khor Ruins are an abandoned collection of mud brick houses which we both imagined would look similar to being in Iraq.

Al Khor RuinsTravis at Al Khor RuinsAl Khor Ruins
Sonya at Al Khor RuinsAl Khor RuinsSonya at Al Khor Ruins

Qatar Al-Jassasiya Petroglyphs (rock carvings)

Al-Jassasiya, located North East of Qatar are  an extensive collection of rock carvings. The rock carvings are of geometric shapes, fish and dhows.

Al-Jassasiyah PetroglyphsAl-Jassasiyah PetroglyphsAl-Jassasiyah Petroglyphs
Al-Jassasiyah PetroglyphsAl-Jassasiyah PetroglyphsAl-Jassasiyah Petroglyphs
Travis at Al-Jassasiyah PetroglyphsAl-Jassasiyah PetroglyphsSonya at Al-Jassasiyah Petroglyphs

Fuwairit Beach

About eighty kilometres North of Doha is Fuwairit Beach. Located on the beach are small rocky ‘cliffs’ separating the beach sand from the dessert scrub.

Fuwairit BeachFuwairit BeachTravis at the rocky outcrops on Fuwairit beach
Camel at Fuwairit BeachCamel at Fuwairit BeachCamel at Fuwairit Beach

Al Gamel (Al Jumail)

North of Qatar is the old abandoned fishing town of Al Gamel.

Al GamelTravis at Al GamelAl Gamel

Al Zubarah Fort

A beautiful 1938 year old fort built using traditional Qatari technique. It was our second time visiting.

Sonya at Al Zubarah FortSonya inside Al Zubarah FortInside Al Zubarah Fort
Inside Al Zubarah Fort Qatar flagAl Zubarah FortAl Zubarah Fort