Xi’an, China

Xi’an was our final destination in mainland China. We initially planned to be in Xi’an for a full day as this would give us ample time to see the terracotta warriors and the Qin tomb. Unfortunately, due to the bad weather in Hangzhou, our flight was delayed a day, and this meant seeing the terracotta warriors was extremely rushed. Fortunately, it all worked out in the end and we did manage to see the terracotta warriors as planned, but we would have liked to have spent more time wandering around the city. The little time we spent in Xi’an was very enjoyable and all worth it.

Muslim Quarters (Beiyuan men Islamic Street)

Xi’an has a large number of Muslim Hui people, so we thought it was a good idea to sample the Islamic influenced cuisine. After watching Chuanr of lamb and beef cooking on the street, we stepped inside, took a seat, and waited for the sticks of meat to be served. We tried numerous, various dishes, mostly trying to pick the more traditional food as recommended by the Lonely Planet.

Entrance to Beiyuan men Islamic StreetWaiter bringing Chuanrs of lamb to our tableIslamic influenced Chinese cuisine

Bell Tower

Situated within walking distance from the Muslim Quarters is the Bell Tower. We took a few quick photos before calling it a night.

Bell TowerBell TowerBell Tower

Terracotta Warriors

The number one reason for visiting Xi’an was to see the Terracotta Warriors. The Terracotta Warriors is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, described as the most ‘significant archaeological excavation of the 20th century’, and over 2000 years old.
Unfortunately, due to our flight being delayed from Hangzhou we had only 4 hours to see the Terracotta Warriors and Qin Tomb. We arrived early in the morning to the museum and were one of the first there. Upon entrance of the first pit, we were left awestruck by the expanse of warriors all gazing at us. As we further read the history, walked between pits and then finally the museum of weapons well preserved warriors, the privilege of being able to see it all set in.

Early in the morning walking towards the Terracotta Warriors museumObligatory photo of Sonya and myself and the WarriorsTerracotta Warriors, Pit 1, Xi'an
Terracotta Warriors, Pit 1, Xi'anTerracotta Warriors in broken pieces, Pit 3Terracotta Warriors, Pit 3
Terracotta Warrior archer in the museumCrossbow trigger, part of the weapons found with the Terracotta WarriorsHigh ranking General
Bronze horse and carriage, part of exhibit; the crown of the bronze worksOld lady sweeping snowSonya and myself with some snow covered horses

Emperor Qin’s Tomb Mound

With a little time to spare before needing to catch our flight back to Hong Kong, we quickly visited Emperor Qin’s Tomb Mound. At this time it was snowing which made it all the more enjoyable and a nice way to end our trip.

Sonya and snow covered topiarySonya and myself at the Qin tombSnow covered purple lettuces
Snow covered pathWen-Tai and Jeff on the steps ascending to the tomb moundThe unopened tomb entrance