Zhouzhuang, China

Unsatisfied with Suzhou, the following day we made a day trip to Zhouzhuang. Like Suzhou, Zhouzhuang is a famous water town and also shares the name Venice of the East.
We purchased a tour tickets in Shanghai on a recommendation from our hotel, the tickets included bus ride and a few entry tickets for ¥140 per person. On arrival in Zhouzhuang we had lunch and tasted what we believe are some of the more traditional dishes; pork shoulder (Wansan Tipang), molluscs and an interesting cold chicken dish that none of us were game enough to try.

Street of ZhouzhuangUnknown building in ZhouzhuangTraditional Zhouzhuang dishes

Chen Yifei and the Twin Bridge

The Twin Bridge. Consisting of Yong’an Bridge and Shide Bridge, is one of the historical monuments and cultural relics listed under the protection of Jiangsu Province.

Hawkers selling pork shoulder (Wansan Tipang)One of many bridges in ZhouzhuangChen Yifei and the Twin Bridge monument
Sonya and myself sitting on the Twin BridgeAnother bridge of many in ZhouzhuangOld buildings along the canals

Shen House

One of the attractions was Shen House; Shen House was the private property of the descendant of Shen Wansan, the first millionaire of Jiangnan. The interiors had various items which you could not touch; around the exterior were very beautiful gardens.

Display on entering Shen HousesBeautiful courtyards and gardensJust the guys
Nice looking gardenSonya with some waterfowlMyself sitting on an ox statue, not part of Shen House

Boat ride along Zhouzhuang canals

The highlight of Zhouzhuang was the boat ride through the old town. We tipped the oarsman ¥20 to sing three songs during the ride.

Myself enjoying the boat rideSonya, Jeff and the oarsmanJust passing under one of the bridges in Zhouzhuang