Daft Punk – Nevereverland

Tomorrow, the French house robots known as Daft Punk will be on the Perth Esplanade’s grassy lawns for their Nevereverland tour. Guess which two lucky people will be attending?

Travis and I bought tickets as soon as they were released, and now – only less than a day to go! We can hardly contain our excitement.

Initially, Travis was keen on making our own robot costumes. I dismissed this idea, noting it would be too hot in the middle of December to wear such outfits. Unfortunately, tomorrow’s forecast is “cloudy, with rain periods – max 22”. Oh well!

Recently, I re-watched Interstella 555, an animation film featuring the Discovery(2001) Daft Punk album (a particular favourite).

A few months ago, in eager anticipation, Travis and I watched Electroma, a film produced by Thomas Bangalter and Guy-Manuel De Homem-Christo. Somewhere between Sci-fi and indie/arthouse, much of the film is delivered through vivid imagery and centered around themes of existence, and loneliness. I enjoyed this, as it gave a bit more insight into the Daft Punk persona.

So now, the world of the two robots finally come to Perth. Along with their myriad of light effects. And there will be twenty thousand Perthians to greet them, including us.