Thommanon, Chau Say Thevoda and Banteay Kdei Temples, Angkor Wat, Siem Reap, Cambodia

After thoroughly exploring the temples in Angkor Thom, we continued cycling east, along the short circuit of temples. Along this route are some amazing temples, including Thommanon Temple, Chau Say Thevoda Temple, Spean Thmor, Banteay Kdei Temple and Ta Prohm which I will devote a separate post to.

Thommanon Temple

A beautiful intricate temple, featuring a large central tower, plenty of Devatas were carved into the stone around the temple.

Chau Say Thevoda Temple

A smaller temple with nice stone carvings, though most damaged.

Spean Thmor

An interesting ancient stone bridge with three arches, what was interesting was a large tree growing on top of it.

Ta Keo Temple

Banteay Kdei Temple

Banteay Kdei Temple, meanding Citadel of Chambers, is a large complex with multiple enclosures protect by parameter walls. Plenty of well preserved statues and wall carvings.

Srah Srang

Kravan Temple