Change is as good as a Holiday…

…is something Travis has always said to me.

And twenty ten has indeed been a year of many changes for us.  We bought our first home in February.  Travis received an opportunity to work in Qatar and started a fly-in fly-out gig shortly after we bought the house.  During his time off, we renovated the house – painting walls, sanding and varnishing floors, landscaping the garden.   I took some time off work to figure out what I wanted to do.

Last week we got married in a small ceremony with our immediate family.   And, in two days time we’ll be making a permanent move to Qatar, as I have found work over there.

We have wanted to move and work overseas for a few years now.  First it was China (after the group trip in 2007), we even completed a TESOL course… then the GFC hit and we re-assessed our situation.  Then we considered Brazil as Travis did a few months stint there for work.  Finally, now it is our chance and we’re both ever so excited.  The idea is at times incredibly daunting – a new culture and one so different to where we have lived for the last 27 years, not knowing anyone, being away from family and friends and of course undeniably hot weather, but I am sure we’ll learn a lot about ourselves, each other and hopefully have a few stories to tell.

Looking forward to life’s next adventures…