Silk Road and trans-Himalayan – the end of an epic journey

We have come the end of our three month long journey starting from Qatar,  completing two major ancient trade routes the Silk Road where we started at Iran (Persia) and ended up in Western China, and the trans-Himalayan trade route continuing in China and heading south to India.

We have learnt a lot about the Persian empire and experienced the great extent of it along the Silk Road, with influences all the way in India. The trans-Himalayan route elevated us to the highest we had been with glimpses of Mount Everest.

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Our journey home, via Central Asia

Our Qatar adventure is coming to an end. After two years since Travis first landed in the country for work we have decided to head back to Perth. We have had an amazing and memorable time here and will sincerely miss this place which we have called our home away from home.

We have decided to take the opportunity to do some travelling on our way back. Our planned trip is loosely based on the Silk Road, a trading route between Asia and Europe since ancient times. In addition, whilst in China, we plan to travel from Tibet to Nepal and from there, to India and Sri Lanka.

We will update our blog with our adventures to come, so stay posted!