Acropolis, Pergamon

Located within the ancient Greek city Pergamon is the Acropolis literally meaning city on the extremity due to its location on a hill, this provided an amazing backdrop to the ruins.

Arriving at the base of the hill was another feature I hadn’t seen at any other ruins, a chair lift. As we were about to park the car, we were informed we could drive all the way up, so we did.

Walking to towards the ruins we pass through the site of the original castle gate. Original sites of palaces were on the left with the ruined Temple of Athena on the right. Using the nature concave of the hill is a Hellenistic (Greek) Theatre, said to have the steepest seating of all ancient theatres.

Past the theatre perched on the top of the hill is the Sanctuary of Trajan (Trajaneum), with magnificently reconstructed Corinthian fluted columns. On the sides of the Trajaneum were Stoas (covered walkways).

Heading back to the car we saw the overall ruins of the upper Acropolis.

From Pergamon we drove to Selçuk, with plans to visiting the ancient city of Ephesus the next day.

Kestel damChairliftAncient Roman arch
Travis on archOverlooking ruined Stoas and LibraryTree on the ruined Temple of Athena
Looking over the Hellenistic TheatreHellenistic Theatre with Sanctuary of Trajan Trajaneum in backgroundTemple of Dionysus
Hellenistic Theatre from TrajaneumTunnel of Sanctuary of Trajan TrajaneumSanctuary of Trajan Trajaneum
Sanctuary of Trajan TrajaneumSanctuary of Trajan TrajaneumSanctuary of Trajan Trajaneum
Sanctuary of Trajan TrajaneumTravis and Sukey at the  Sanctuary of Trajan Trajaneum StoaLooking up at the Acropolis